Our skills to assist you with your problems:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation and Taxation Planning
  • Business Strategic Planning & Management Advice
  • Systems Analysis
  • Family Law – Estate Planning
  • Management Advice
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business Acquisition, Disposals and Restructures
  • Valuations
  • Dealing with Bureaucracy
  • Communications and accessibility
  • Accounting

We have extensive experience across many industries. We are capable in many industry proprietary software packages.

Taxation and Taxation Planning

We have developed a considerable depth in taxation law over the years. We have arguably the most efficient tax processing system in the region. We encourage and support our clients who engage in taxation planning.

Business Strategic Planning & Management Advice

We recognise that the running of a business has become increasingly complex. We have arguably Australia’s best software package and the practical experience to make a significant difference to you bottom line. We do plans, yes. Our plans do not gather dust because they are an integral part of your progression to your goals, pointing the way, giving measuring sticks and structure.

We have a number of business analytical tools at our disposal. Financial health assessments through business diagnostics involving marketing, budgets, cash projects, costing, restructuring, and staff selection processes are all considered routine consultancy at this practice. We can assist in dispute resolution.

Systems Analysis

We analyse your systems, and make constructive suggestions for improved performance. We know compliance requirements. We facilitate computer installations and support them.

Family Law – Estate Planning

We are a family orientated practice. Life’s experiences are known to us. We can offer sensible, timely advice with understanding.

Dispute Resolution

We can assist in negotiations and dispute resolution.

Business Acquisition, Disposals and Restructures

It is like breathing in and breathing out to us. We are there at the beginning. We advise through the changes and we are there at the end. We watch to ensure the deals go through the right way and that tax is minimised.


We are able to provide independent valuations of businesses for family law requirements, acquisitions, disposals or disputes.


In relation to government subsidies or grants, do you know what you are entitled to claim? Do you know what your responsibilities, liabilities and risks are?

We can inform you.

Communications and Accessibility

We speak plainly. We realise that effective communication is the cornerstone of any professional service. We conduct seminars, provide monthly, quarterly newsletters and have adopted an “open door policy” on accessibility.